Real Time Communication

Real Time Communication

In fast moving business with various dynamics it’s essential that you, your organization and your partners should have right & in-time communication. One delayed or missing information might lead to loss of customer, revenue and profit. To ensure timely communication we provide various solutions to exchange real time data.

We cover various business processes, example:

  • Pay to procure – we make your procurement cycle real time by communicating POs to your suppliers, acknowledgement, deliveries and invoices from suppliers.

  • Manufacturing Execution – in case you want to send your production/work orders to other plants or sub-contracting suppliers we can easily send the information through B2B. Complete cycle could be covered between you and your supplier (other plant in your organization or supplier of yours).

  • Order to Cash – when it comes to making revenues it’s essential that there is no delay in communicating to your customer’s. To ensure this we can automate your sales process with your customer’s.

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