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To run business efficiently every user needs information. This information could be in the form of reports which helps daily decision making. Business users often execute various reports on a daily basis to reach to a conclusion. The source of these reports could be SAP ECC, SAP BW, SAP SCM, SAP CRM, etc. depending upon your landscape. Though you can have all the reports in SAP BW but again for certain reports it makes sense to execute them in real time in SAP ECC, CRM etc. Example; open sales order report which user might need to check every now and then on a daily basis or production order report for manufacturing facility.

Often companies create their own custom reports in ERP system to meet business needs. It might be time consuming process for a user to pull out data from such reports considering the volume of data. Either they pull this information in bits and pieces or not even get the right information coz of volume of data.

Imagine if you have 15 users executing one same report 1 time a day and it takes average 2 mins to give back the results (in report). This means for the same set of information system was under a load of 30 mins. Now if this report is executed two times a day and so on.

This is where we come into picture. We can make your reporting easier without user executing it every time. We can automate this process in such a way that user receives this information directly in their mailbox with all relevant data. This could be one time activity that is once a day or four times per day or as per your needs. We can publish this information to one or multiple users in one go. This not only saves time for the user but improves the system performance as user load is less for executing such reports.

Give it a few minutes to think about standard and custom reports which are executed in your SAP environment and then think about this approach. We are sure you will be anxious to learn this approach and get it implemented.

For more visit https://www.new-dimensional.com/ or e-mail us at information@new-dimensional.com

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